Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Democrats And Uncle Joe

A 1986 report by the CIA's "Foreign Subversion and Instability Center" that was declassified today outlined different ways the US might overthrow the Syrian government. It's proof that the Syria regime change plans enacted by bloody Hillary and blood soaked Obama go back at least a quarter century and probably further.

Of course this news won't phase these Democrats and hypocrites obsessing about Russia trying to influence a US election. They already know their government does things like that.

Obamacare and Socialism

It's too bad Obamacare was so flawed or the people who want to retain it might have had a chance. On the other hand, Obamacare seems to have permanently changed peoples' expectations about health care. Instead of their traditional health plan -- do nothing -- Republicans put out a plan today that does something.

Of course it might be disastrous. What's really too bad is that when Democrats had the chance they didn't enact a single payer system. If they had we'd have socialized medicine now and it would be like Social Security and Medicare, the socialized retirement benefits that are so popular no congress will ever overturn them.

Democrats have done some good, being the main engine that's driving people into the open arms of Socialism by the thousands, more of them by the day and by the hour.

In the past few posts I've written about the burgeoning numbers of people who openly identify as Socialists on social media, and as Communists and of the rapid growth of Democratic Socialists of America.

All of these people are sharing their criticisms of Capitalism and the political system, passing around the writings of Socialists and radicals and spreading far and wide the history of Socialism that was always hidden from them.

Last night I came upon another part of social media I didn't know existed. It was opened up to me because some of the Socialists and Communists I've followed recently follow the people who inhabit it, people who are rehabilitating Stalinism, and Stalin, and the Democratic Republic of Korea, i.e. North Korea which has a more or less Stalinist system.

These people, who are far beyond the reach of US government Capitalist propaganda, and especially the smiling face of it we call Liberalism, might be destroying the most cherished and widely believed anti Socialist stereotypes of all.

The stain put on Stalinism and by extension Socialism was the greatest triumph of US Capitalist propaganda. The horror stories about the USSR under Joseph Stalin seemed like they might discredit Soviet style Communism forever. Remember how US senator Claire McCaskill put the pause on Bernie Sanders presidential campaign by saying the Republicans "can't wait to run an ad with a hammer and sickle"? That got to many people who grew up ingesting non stop Cold War propaganda, and they didn't consider voting for Sanders again. He was kept competitive from then on primarily by masses of young people who'd never heard of a hammer and sickle.

But was there nothing bad about Stalinism? Anti Soviet propaganda, after all, was so pervasive that many US Socialists and Communists disavowed the Soviet Union and wouldn't give it any credit despite its record of providing free education through college, universal health care, a guaranteed income and a rich cultural life for everyone.

It's too early to say with any confidence what actually did happen in the Soviet Union, under Stalin or before and after, but answers might be forthcoming. The Soviet archives are gradually being opened to researchers. The first tidbits I've heard about Stalinism suggest that things like the gulags and purges were nowhere near as bad as we've been told.

More archives are being opened every year under Putin and we should know soon enough. What you can say now, though, is that it's safe to say that everything we were told about the Soviet Union was baseless American propaganda, that with each passing year, or maybe with each day, is of less and less consequence.

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  1. The American capitalist establishment's antipathy toward Communism predates Stalin by at least a couple of decades. So Stalin's gulags were bound to be hyped by America's propaganda machine, regardless of how bad they were or were not. Democrats, eager to disprove that they were the "Communist sympathizers" that Joe McCarthy and other conservative nutters kept claiming they were, of course kept falling all over themselves and each other -- with a few notable exceptions -- piling-on with the bad-mouthing of Papa Joe Stalin and his allegedly depraved successors. The Democrats are still at it today, even though the U.S.S.R. ceased to exist more than 25 years ago. Am looking forward to seeing more of those Soviet era archives. Should be interesting.