Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Franny State

This tweet posted in August showed up a couple times the other night in the realm of Twitterists I currently associate myself with.

It's a reply to another tweet so appears in the comments area on another person's page and so it was seen by few, if any, of Drescher's 226,000 followers or by anyone who happens to scroll her main feed where she mostly posts tweets that relate to her work with Cancer Schmancer, a foundation the cancer surviving actress started and makes frequent media appearances to promote that gives free cancer screenings, promotes a healthy diet and lifestyle, hosts seminars around the country with expert and celebrity panels and so on.

Besides the stir Drescher's tweet caused among my circle of Socialist/Communist social media comrades it doesn't seem to have created any media ripple. Where it was noticed it evoked a typically misinformed almost hysterical mis-reading of Drescher's occasional posts about politics, which come from the left side of the mainstream liberal point of view.

For reasons obvious to any radical and anyone really who grew up in America during the Cold War it's common for someone to downplay any Marxist and Socialist sentiment they might have out of a wish to maintain their credibility and commercial viability, i.e., their ability to get a job or acting work or to raise money for  foundation or get yourself on TV to promote one.

Still, the post is there. It's on the internet. She hasn't deleted it, which is the fate of millions of tweets and posts per day posted in passion or anger and quickly deleted, always, however, after multiple social media savvy people have recognized the need to take an immediate screen shot of it.

Once you've said something on the internet it's there. It's either on your own page unto perpetuity or its a screen shot somebody has already posted or if it was posted on any other kind of web pages it's publicly archived somewhere waiting for anybody who knows how to find such things to find it and reveal to the world something you'd rather hide from the world.

If you haven't deleted something it means you haven't deleted it. You might not have the courage to advertise the sentiment but you'll stand by it if you have to. You're taking a risk to bolster someone else's courage. You're leaving a sign, a secret handshake for those who will come along after you and understand the significance of what you said. But mainly you're reminding yourself that there are worse things than for people who have more power than you to find out who you really are. You're telling yourself that you, yourself, have the courage to believe you aren't beholden anyone and won't be someday soon.

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