Thursday, March 9, 2017

Good Morning, CIA

It's been asked and I'd sure like to know if Russia can hack a US election and change the results of it what are we paying the FBI, NSA and CIA for?

There have been quite a few massive data breaches now, compounded by the mind boggling revelation that the CIA lost control of its entire massive arsenal of hacking programs over a year ago and they were passed around for months before someone gave them to Wikileaks.

It's pretty egregious that they told no one because the only way software  companies can make patches for vulnerabilities in their software is if they know about them.

I've heard nothing about any of this from any New Mexico elected official yet. One of them, senator Martin Heinrich, took a stand against NSA domestic spying after Edward Snowden busted them but it's come to light that they're spying on us more than ever now.

Mint Press News has an overview of what this latest CIA leak amounts to. The upshot is that the CIA spies on everything and everyone and is even worse than the NSA now. They're actually in competition to see who can spy on us more. Maybe that's why whenever I turn my computer I see this.

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