Saturday, March 25, 2017

If Only

This sentiment was going around social media last night. Not where Democrats were gloating after having played no role in defeating Trumpcare but where Leftists meet.

We have an "opposition" that not only doesn't talk about single payer but tries to silence people who do, when single payer is what most Americans want and need. That's not opposition that's collusion.

On the right of this graph are two sets of data about Obamacare. The three bars on the left are about single payer. Most Democrats, most Americans, and a big chunk of Republicans, want it.

Elected Democrats, meanwhile, are making sure the pharmaceutical companies keep gouging us as much as they can for medicine. They make sure the insurance companies keep piling up mountains of our money and never say one goddamn word about single payer healthcare, which, in case you didn't now, every other industrialized country has -- every single one.

Here's another poll somebody put on social media last night that's makes elected Democrats look like scumbags. Instead of 75 percent of Democratic voters wanting single payer its 81 percent.

You think scumbags is too harsh of a word? While a lot of their constituents are going without healthcare and living miserable lives because of it, and dying because of it, these Democrats are enjoying the best healthcare in the world, paid for by the same constituents.

Here's how much money elected Democrats take from the people who profit from our misery and death.

If you vote for them or give them money you're in on it. We've got one here in New Mexico who takes a lot of that money and just voted with Republicans to keep us from buying medicine we might be able to afford from Canada. His excuse was "safety." It's the same goddamn medicine. He just thinks we don't deserve healthcare while he enjoys his fat salary and a gold plated retirement and platinum plated health care of the kind that no average American will ever see while we pay for it.

So why, again, do you vote for them? Have they frightened you with stories about the scary Republicans? The ones who just accomplished nothing?

Don't listen to me. Read these critiques of today's Democratic Party.

Matt Stoller writes in The Nation, a traditional voice of the party's Left wing, an article called After The Fumble, in which he critiques the idea of a "meritocracy" that was central pillar of the Clinton-Gore regime. That's when the major shift took place and they stripped the party of its "traditional class politics," Stoller says. Thanks to the retired Minnesota teacher who blogs as Troutbirder for alerting me to this.

Paul Heidman has another take in Jacobin. In Politicking Without Politics he critiques Democrats for keeping up the pretense of not being ideological, while on economic matters Democrats and Republicans are virtually the same thing.

That's an aspect of the problem that's lost on people who still cling to 'Democrats good Republicans bad' binary thinking. They see that Dems are liberal on gay marriage and abortion but forget somehow or never heard about their votes on taxes and budget cuts. They see Democrats talking about immigration but didn't notice them saying nothing while Obama deported a record number of people and conducted one large workplace raid after another and left kids come home to empty houses while their parents were on a plane out of the country.

As a Capitalist party, Democrats necessarily embrace all the inequality and injustice inherent in the Capitalist system, and fully support the imperialist foreign policy -- the search for new markets and cheap raw materials needed for Capitalism to grow -- that have always been the policy of every Capitalist nation. Look it up.

Little details like that won't ever be pointed out on corporate owned MSNBC and are only referred to obliquely in places like The Nation. You need to read things like the Socialist leaning Jacobin. It's a quickly rising voice coming out of the quickly rising Leftist milieu that encompasses the half of Millennials who are anti-Capitalist, and the more radical of the Bernie Sanders supporters and the rising tide of Blacks and other minorities who identify as Socialists and reject the identity politics of Black Lives Matter, Feminism and today's Democrats that only serves a few and keeps the Capitalist order entrenched generationally.

Another person with insightful takes on the current situation is David Brin, a writer whose posts are recommended now and then by prominent New Mexico political guru and now blogger Jim Baca. Like Clinton and Gore, Brin believes smart and well educated people, scientists and so forth, can save us, but he wants everybody to be smart and be able to afford college and be whatever. In an essay called Economics Under Trump Brin writes:

"Here's an impudent notion. Ponder that perhaps the Greatest Generation - just maybe - knew what they were doing, back when their program of strong unions and high taxes on the rich led to the greatest boom in the history of our species. Back when the GGs (Greatest Generation - ed) built continent-spanning highways and universities, defeated Hitler, overcame Depression, contained Stalinism, went to the moon and began our forward progress against racism, sexism and environmental neglect. Might they have known their stuff? And perhaps the fanatic voodoo doctors Chicago School - subsidized by the beneficiaries of those massive tax cuts - did not?"

When Brin says "Chicago School" he's referring to the University of Chicago economics department faculty were, under the leadership of Milton Friedman, the academic arguments for Neoliberalism were concocted, that were then disseminated by the billionaire funded Think Tanks and sold as Reaganite/Thatcherite sound bite economic policies that Democrats like Bill Clinton talked about when they used the term "third way."

Those policies are the economic policies of Barak Obama, Martin Heinrich, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of today's Democrats, who never in their public utterances and writings use the word union, never say anything the pharmaceutical companies or Wall Street might mistake as supporting any policy that might improve the wages and living standards of we the people who pay their fat salaries and provide them with the best health care in the world while they themselves go without health care and struggle to make ends meet.

I keep saying that it's up to us, and it is. We can name the tune. But first we need to know what the problem is. We need need to know that it's our economic system, and the politicians who serve it, and who do everything they can to keep you powerless to do anything about it. 


  1. Well said Bubba. I have to admit if you keep this up your going to finally swing me left from my "Capitalism is the goose that lays the golden eggs but we have to regulate the hell out of it and tax the rich till they scream uncle" philosophy. Oh and yes I've been on the single payer bandwagon a long time under the influence of some Canadian friends..:)

  2. I have been under the influence of "Canadian friends" since about 1966. Single payer is surely the best way to go. We've wasted many, many billions of dollars feeding fat cats and killing people, money that could have been spent caring for people and improving the quality of their lives.