Wednesday, March 8, 2017

International (Revolutionary) Women's Day

Reuters published this photograph today with an article saying that in conjunction with International Women's Day a Wall Street fund managing company put this statue of a little girl in front of the iconic bull sculpture on Wall Street to call attention to "the lack of gender diversity on corporate boards and the pay gap of women working in financial services."

I can't argue with that or with International Women's Day.

But the symbolism in that photograph. 

There are many inspiring things in the news and on social media today about International Women's Day. Much of it is from the perspective of identity politics feminism, the dead end that the -- what's sometimes called mainstream -- feminist movement has found itself on, wherein people who are doing alright seem to assume that if the barriers they face are removed every woman can magically achieve their potential and live a good life whether they can afford to pay the rent or not, whether they can feed the kids or not, whether they can afford daycare or not, whether they can afford to take time off from their three part time jobs and ride a bus ten hours to the nearest abortion clinic or not.

Liberation will come for all of us when we are all free from want. White women, Black women, Brown women, American, Russian, Chinese, South Korean, North Korean women. And men.

But my god, the symbolism.

Note: The Party for Socialism and Liberation is running a nice series of articles about radical women heroes you may not have been told about in your history class.


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