Friday, March 3, 2017

New Mexico Democrats - Worse Than Safeway

Three New Mexico Democrats joined with statehouse Republicans and Republican Governor Martinez yesterday to defeat a bill that would have put a pause on granting charters for charter schools until the state finds out why they gobble up more of the little money the state has per student than public schools do but can't educate our kids any better. (Here's a hint: It might be the owners of charter schools take the money they get from the parents and the state and put it in their pockets instead of hiring good union teachers and buying books and the best instructional materials and taking field trips and all the things you need to do to educate kids. It just might be that when there has to be a profit taken it has to be taken from something.)

The Democrats who voted with Republicans and against public schools were Debbie Rodella, Patricio Ruiloba and Carl Trujillo.

Charter schools weaken public education which is why they are pushed by people who want to do away with public education like Trump education secretary Betsy Devoss. They're a back door privatization scheme and tests nationwide keep finding out what they found here which is that charter schools perform the same as or worse than public school even though they can cherry pick students and don't serve any special needs kids.

A betrayal of the people like this isn't unusual for New Mexico's sorry Democrats. They control the house and senate and yet in the current legislative session, besides this latest gift to conservatism, they've shot down a bill that would have capped payday loan interest rates and another that would have automatically registered people to vote when they got a driver's license or renewed one, and they've passed a bill to weaken legal protections for whistleblowers.

It's a pathetic record but killing a bill designed to get more people registered to vote is, to me, especially disgusting. For my entire life it's been the dream of progressives and the kind of Democrats we used to have to have automatic voter registration because it would immensely help Democrats but more to the point would give us government that represented the people instead of big business and people who have a lot of wealth but can never get enough of it.

Republicans know this full well which is exactly why they've always tried to suppress voter participation. Their refinement of it to a science is one big reason why they now control all three branches of the federal government and all three branches of state governments in 2/3 of the states, so to have Democrats help them keep people from voting is just nauseating.

Democrats like the ones we've got can't be tolerated any more. They just need to go.

Update: Heath Haussamen who edits one of the independent media I link to on the right that does a good job covering New Mexico politics has written an editorial on how legislation can't seem to pass here unless it gets the approval of the people who are soaking us while bribing out politicians.

Note: If you've read this far to find out why New Mexico Democrats are worse than Safeway I changed the title to that after coming across some comments people left about a Safeway supermarket a few blocks from the beach in Carmel, CA, at the web site Yelp, which it's Wikipedia article describes as a web site and mobile app "which publish crowd-sourced reviews about local businesses" and, among a surprising list of other things, "trains small businesses in how to respond to reviews." Talk about creating a demand and then fulfilling it.

You've probably come across Yelp after doing a Google search for a business or product. Anyway, some of the comments left at that Safeway in Carmel were pretty entertaining. People often comment about businesses when they've been angered by something and want to punish somebody but some of the comments were favorable and many were quite creative and revealed a lot about the commenter. Some of the people leaving these comments were apparently there because Carmel is a tourist destination and in one of those "wine county" areas. My favorite was written by someone who sounded like they were a snob but were living on a budget and who nonetheless had never really questioned the fact that you were lucky to be getting their opinion.

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  1. All the Republicans and three Democrats, Repsresentatives Carl Trujillo of Santa Fe, Debbie Rodella of Española and Patricio Ruiloba of Albuquerque voted against the bill."

    I would wonder why Debbie Rodella and Carl Trujillo voted this way. I would venture a guess that Patricio Ruiloba is very conservative and probably a Democrat because of where he was elected from.

    Those "conservative Democrats" are scattered within the party throughout the state. The NM Democratic Party is not now, nor has it ever been, a unified party. The further north you go in NM the bigger the divide in the party is between the conservative, moderate and liberal factions.

    Public schools is usually where they can come together, but as we see here, that is not always the case. I do wonder why Debbie Rodella and Carl Trujillo voted this way, would be interesting to visit with them.

    Also, as a native New Mexican, the Democratic Party usually represents my interests, but not always. The conservatives are a bit out there and the liberals are the same. And I am not just talking about the Democratic voters, I am also talking about the Democratic politicians. On the liberal side I will mention that goofy Jerry Ortiz Y Pino. He is probably in the only area that would elect him. I think, I am not positive, that Patricio Ruiloba might be on the conservative end of this spectrum.