Friday, March 10, 2017

Poll: Democrats Fall Further Behind

“I don’t think people want a new direction."

 Pronounced house minority leader Nancy Pelosi a month after a November election in which her party had lost a presidential race it couldn't lose to a used car salesman and lost both houses of congress, apparently wanting to see if she could give a remote orgasm to her billionare donors and the entire Republican Party all at once.

Think of the federal court appointments. Plus, Republicans entirely control 2/3 of the  states - governor, house and senate, a supermajority that gives you the power to amend the US constitution to make it say anything you want to. Any Thing. You could repeal the part where president and congress are elected and make them hereditary. You could make god the president. You could replace the constitution with the Bible.

So naturally a new poll shows Democrats falling even further behind in favorability ratings to the least popular president in modern history and even further behind his extreme right wing evangelical vice president who looks like a corpse.

Author Thomas Frank, who wrote what was kind of a landmark book in terms of how Republicans took over the country, What's The Matter With Kansas, has a column in the Guardian where he inveighs on the current paradigm and warns the millions of newly energized anti Trump activists why it's critical to not let Democrats co-opt and neuter their movements. Amen.

Millions who, if Hillary had won, would be sitting on their keisters oblivious to their living standards declining and people dying in the Middle East because well off women like themselves could still get an abortion.

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  1. Much has been written over the past decade or so about so-called identity politics. Democrats have used it to try to get women, black people, and other oppressed groups to vote for them. Republicans have used it to get working-class white nationalists, male white supremacists, conservative evangelical Christians, and "the poorly educated" to vote for them. This divide and conquer tactic works to get some people elected, but it does nothing for most voters except to make them increasingly cynical about politicians and government.

    Regardless of which party is using it (both of them do it), identity politics is used to mask the fact that politicians of both major political parties in the United States work not for them -- the people who think of themselves in terms of these various identities -- but for the ruling capitalist oligarchy. The real "deep state" in the USA isn't the Democrats or the Republicans, but those who pull the strings of Democrats and Republicans alike -- the big donors who buy their services. As Deep Throat so succinctly put it: "Follow the money."