Monday, March 20, 2017

The Art Of You Damn Well Better

"If politics is the art of the possible, what do supposedly progressive politicians and political organizations fight for after they decide that jobs, justice and peace are impossible?  Do they fight for their positions and prerogatives?  For the biggest campaign contributions?  It's not hard to tell who is on the side of the people.  There are after all, bright lines."

This quote from a piece by Black Agenda Report's Bruce Dixon is meant to sum up the Democratic Party. It especially pertains to the meek and self serving Democrats who win New Mexico's beauty contest elections with the votes of 10 to 15 percent of the voting age population.

It must be emphasized, however, that you can't blame the politicians. We elect them with our votes and non votes. Polls consistently show Americans want universal health care, expanded Medicaid, Medicare, and other social programs that help the less fortunate, want the rich and corporations to be taxed adequately and don't want any of the endless wars the politicians wage. We the people could easily make sure our will is done, or we could sweep those pathetic, frightened, mealy mouthed deadbeats aside and govern ourselves.


  1. I thought a recent article by Matt Stoller in the Nation titled After The Fumble (having dominated the Democratic Party for years, the meritocrats now find themselves in crisis)seemed quite familiar. Then it dawned on me, that what Bubba keeps writing about. So Bill's swing to Center right to compete with Reaganism is now a losing, irrelevant proposition. My union values and DFL ties to HHH & Paul Wellstone remain strong but I agree it time to move on...:)

  2. I still consider HHH highly underappreciated and underrated. He owned up, late in life, to having opposed LBJ's expansion of the Vietnam War from the inside and identified his public silence about it the deepest regret of his political life. He would have had us out of that disaster years earlier, had he not lost to Nixon in 1968. Too bad his courage failed him (and all of us) at that critical moment in history. He was alas only human. But at least he WAS human, unlike the soulless simians who represented America's two major capitalist parties in the 2016 presidential election.