Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Those 81 Times The US Interfered In Other Countries' Elections. Not Counting Coups And Regime Change Operations.

National Public Radio's interview of a  researcher who found 81 cases of US interference in other countries' elections between 1946 and 2000 is making the rounds on social media. It's something you might want to mention to your local Democratic elected official when they start bloviating about Russia causing Hillary Clinton to lose to a semi literate reality show host. More specifically, to lose the electoral vote but win the popular vote, a spectacular feat of precision election interference for a country that still uses propeller driven bombers.

The researcher, Dov Levin of Carnegie Mellon University, who used US government records, also found that the former Soviet Union intervened in elections but less than half as often, 36 times, and that other countries also do it.

Links to the NPR piece and to Levin's research are in a write-up at Mint Press News, which by the way is a feisty little Left leaning online news site begun and operated by a Muslim woman from Minnesota, former TV newswoman Mnar Muhawesh. Mint Press has been doing more and more original reporting and I'm even starting to see its articles reproduced elsewhere.

By the way, anyone who's half followed Venezuelan Socialism for the past decade or so knows US covert and overt interference in that country's elections is a full time occupation of the US state department.

Since the government's share of its funding started to become politicized during the GW Bush administration PBS, which NPR is a division of, has had a de facto editorial policy of not offending anybody in congress, but now the Trump Administration wants to eliminate the government's share of public broadcasting funding. For this piece to weigh in on the ongoing controversy about foreign election interference can only be seen as NPR taking sides with President Trump against the hapless Liberal Democrats who want to blame election interference by Russian president Vladmir Putin for their failings and who don't have the power to do anything for public broadcasting.

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