Friday, March 31, 2017

Why Trump Happened In A Nutshell

"Brexit was the model for showing that when you destroy the economic security of tens of millions of people in your middle class and working class through Neoliberal policies eventually you're gong to get serious instability and unpredictability in how they react and respond and I think the same political trends that explain Brexit were the ones that explain Trump's election as well and given how Brexit had just happened month's earlier we should not have been particularly surprised."

The always smart and insightful Glenn Greenwald was interviewed today about Trump, the deep state, the state of the media, how charlatans at MSNBC and CNN and on social media are enriching themselves by using the same playbook Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Bil O'Reilly and Glenn Beck did when the Clintons and Barak Obama came to Washington.


  1. I've been pretty trusting of Glenn Greenwald since well before he got involved with Ed Snowden, and I still value what he has to say. Insightful indeed.

    I also trust Chis Hedges, who seems to think and work along pretty much the same lines as Glenn. Hedges was saying something like this about a decade ago, and quoted some other prognosticator (I've forgotten who) about how the Neoliberal establishment know-it-alls were unwittingly priming the American electorate for a (then) future love affair with a populist fascist demagogue, which actually happened last November.

    And Michael Moore famously (so it seems now, in retrospect) said in his blog as early as late last Summer, "Trump is going to win." He was right. Not happy to be right, but right, and for pretty much the same reason cited by Greenwald about Brexit and Trump's victory.

  2. As David Cameron learned the hard way....