Tuesday, March 14, 2017

You Load 16 Tons, What Do You Get?

The only person I can see who's keeping the Democratic Party from becoming irrelevant is Independent Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. The Social Democrat was down in West Virginia tonight showing the leaderless, disappearing Democrats how to win red states and I can guarantee you Democrats were sitting around sipping vermouth with their filthy rich patrons and didn't notice.

According to Dave Mistich who comments above, one way is to talk about unions. Pretty hard to do when Democrats themselves killed the Employee Free Choice Act and I've been documenting for years how no New Mexico Democrat ever utters the word union. If you walked yp behind one and shouted union these wooses would faint. I was at  NM US Senator Martin Heinrich's web site looking through statement's he's released and a couple years ago he even stopped using the word union in his annual Labor Day message. Yes, Labor Day the day especially set aside to recognize unions for goddsakes. I know, it's hard to believe but go to his web site and see; click on Newsroom and he has all his news releases and statements there.

As you can see in this graphic Sanders got a lot of votes in the West Virginia primary with his economic equality message that Democrats used to run on but have abandoned in favor of an identity politics that's designed first and foremost not to offend their billionaire donors.

Trump promised to reopen the coal mines down there and got more votes than Sanders, but if Democrats (a) hadn't rigged the primaries and (b) didn't all have cold feet about Sanders, he would have beaten Trump. You can assume that in the general election the top primary vote getters will get the votes that went to their runners up, so if you add all the votes on each side together Sanders wins the red state of West Virginia 201,214 to 188,138.

You an come up with hypotheticals to argue that but you can't argue the fact that Hillary was clobbered in West Virginia. Trump got almost 70 percent of the vote against her.

Meanwhile, Adam Johnson, who writes for Fairness and Accuracy in Media, The Nation and Alternet, posted this tonight, a hypothetical question voters might be asking Democrats about now.

 In other words, these hapless Democrats deserve no pity whatsoever. Fake news, Putin, FBI, Russia, Sanders voters, Stein voters, on and on. But do something for workers?You've got to be kidding. Where are those dumb suckers gonna go anyway?
While I was writing this, this comment about identity politics was left on a previous post by my brother Bob, a computer programmer and musician in Michigan:

Much has been written over the past decade or so about so-called identity politics. Democrats have used it to try to get women, black people, and other oppressed groups to vote for them. Republicans have used it to get working-class white nationalists, male white supremacists, conservative evangelical Christians, and "the poorly educated" to vote for them. This divide and conquer tactic works to get some people elected, but it does nothing for most voters except to make them increasingly cynical about politicians and government.

Regardless of which party is using it (both of them do it), identity politics is used to mask the fact that politicians of both major political parties in the United States work not for them -- the people who think of themselves in terms of these various identities -- but for the ruling capitalist oligarchy. The real "deep state" in the USA isn't the Democrats or the Republicans, but those who pull the strings of Democrats and Republicans alike -- the big donors who buy their services. As Deep Throat so succinctly put it: "Follow the money."

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