Monday, April 3, 2017

A Government Devouring Itself

(Updated below)

What actually did happen during the 2016 election? Many Democrats, especially Hillary fans, swear that "the Russians hacked it" and that Russian president Vladmir Putin "intervened" to help Donald Trump win.

The same people are quite certain that the "intelligence community" has verified this despite the fact that no evidence has been put forth, and despite the fact that the same intelligence community routinely lies about almost everything -- remember when there were absolutely weapons of mass destruction, or when our spies absolutely didn't spy on Americans?

There have been statements issued by the intelligence community saying they think Russia did it, is all. There have been references made to "digital signatures" that point to this or that country, but as a trove of stolen "intelligence community" documents released by Wikileaks shows, whenever our intelligence community hacks something they leave behind "digital signatures" intended to point to someone else.

Legendary hacktivist Christopher Dolan has written an article in which he tells what happened during the 2016 election, and he should know, because he was in on it.

Dolan has no reason not to tell the truth and nothing to gain whether he does of doesn't. Wanted by the FBI, Dolan has been hiding in Canada since he fled bail on hacking charges. He say his only goal is for there to be justice in the world. In his article, published on a web site tied to Anonymous, he says that what went on during the 2016 election was part of an ongoing war between the black hat hacking community and the US government that began when the US government declared war on them in 2010.

The Russian government wasn't involved, Dolan says, although some Russian hackers were, but like all the black hat hackers they don't work for any government and in fact all but one of the Russian group has been arrested by the Russian government since the election on unrelated hacking charges.

Dolan says he's talked to some of the people involved -- probably over the internet via secure avenues hackers know about, I would imagine -- and he says he knows some of the people, and I don't doubt he does.

There were others involved including Dolan, Wikileaks, and Julian Assange. None of them were working together, per se, but they were working toward the same goal; to get Trump elected, because they knew what would happen. First, with Trump coming in, President Obama would be forced to commute Chelsea Manning's sentence. Second, with Trump coming into office the government would turn on itself, like the ancient mythic serpent that ate itself, the Ouroboros, and the resulting chaos would lessen its power and its deadly imperial reach.  If you don't know what I'm talking about by deadly imperial reach read my last post.

The Russian government does try to influence US elections and uses the internet for it, Dolan says, but is so inept and clumsy about it that it's funny, and it doesn't affect anything.

I'd add that compared to the American government the Russians are beginning amateurs when it comes to intervening in other countries. For all practical purposes the US government does anything it pleases in its relentless drive to benefit the Capitalist class it works for as I have document here numerous times.


Matt Taibbi filed this column today talking about the mass hysteria that's developed over Russia and how anyone who isn't on board with the whole giant swirl of connect the dots conspiracy theories is a Russian agent, a traitor; in what Glen Greenwald has called a new McCarthyism of the Left. If you want to know how close we are to having to sign a loyalty oath to the next corporatist Democrat candidate read it.

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