Friday, April 7, 2017

By The Way

It's very unlikely there was any "chemical weapons" attack. As soon as the pictures started showing up people began seeing signs of another clumsy propaganda effort by the western intelligence-created, US-funded funded White Helmets propaganda unit.

There's the fact that they just happened to be there, ready to start rescuing people, and get a lot of pictures of it. There's the fact that that the "rescuers" were wearing dust masks. I've seen several of those. One guy was wearing flip flops. If that was really Sarin gas they'd have to be wearing those head to toe protective suits.

One gas attack victim appears to be the same person who showed up in photos of an attack on a hospital in East Allepo where the White Helmets were also putting out propaganda every day trying to get the US to intervene militarily. That's the reason the White Helmets exist. They were formed to drum up support for intervention and regime change.

There's a whole hash tag on Twitter --  #Syriahoax -- where you can see the evidence that there was no gas attack. Just go to and click on the search icon and type in #Syriahoax. You don't have to be registered with Twitter.

Finally, there's no logical reason for Syria to have done that. They're winning. Since the Russians intervened on their side they've had the US backed Al Quada rebels on the run and ISIS on the run.They took back the rebel headquarters Allepo and then started taking back other other key cities. They kicked ISIS out of their headquarters in the ancient city of Palmyra and they were driving the rebels out of the Damascus suburbs. Every day there was news of gains by the Syrian army.

People have put together graphics that show that every time it looks like the tide is turning toward the US getting out of Syria there's a fake chemical weapons attack. When the reports finally came out about that famous gas attack that Obama almost went to war over, that wasn't done by Syria. You probably didn't hear that on the evening news because it wasn't on the evening news.

For Trump, of course, this gave him a chance to recover from his 35 percent approval rating and to contrast himself against Obama, who was tagged with being weak for not bombing Syria. War is the classic way a leader unites a people.

By the way, if you recall, Obama had every intention of attacking Syria over that false flag gas attack, but Vladmir Putin stepped in and arranged for Syria to give up all its chemical weapons.

This will also be like a child versus a master. Within hours of Trump's attack Putin had knocked him out of the top spot on Google News, in other words, out of the headlines and had changed the narrative.

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