Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Senator Bernie Sanders has reintroduced his Social Security Expansion Act. He introduced it in the last congress, too, and it died in committee. It's unlikely you've ever heard of it.

Sanders' bill would give retirees a "modest" raise, as the Economic Policy Institute puts it. To be honest, it would only start to undo the stealth cuts to Social Security congress has been making for several decades by not letting benefits keep up with inflation, raising the retirement age, taking out for Medicare, etc.

Sanders bill would start making people pay Social Security tax on income from investments, which is how rich people get most of their income.  It would also raise what they call the "cap" - the cap means that you only pay Social Security tax on the first $127,200 of your annual income. On anything you make above that you're home free. If you recall, during the campaign Hillary Clinton said she was against raising the cap because in some parts of the country $127,000 is Middle Class and she doesn't want to hurt the Middle Class. As if you're somehow hurting when you're hauling down $127,000 a year. As if people who make more than that much don't owe humanity anything.

New Mexico senators Martin Heinrich and Tom Udall aren't co-sponsors of Sanders' bill. That's completely unsurprising given that these men never sponsor any legislation that would improve the economic situation of working Americans. These two won't even come out and say they won't cut Social Security. They use that slight of hand phrase "we need to save Social Security" which is just code for we'll cut it if we want to.

So we have arrived at the place where we don't owe our fellow human beings anything and we're no longer a country where we take care of each other and it's Democrats who are saying this. It's Democrats who are saying we, the Democrats, aren't here to help you. We'll help billionaires triple their wealth but you're already getting everything you deserve.

This is what our $174,000 per year, top 2 percent income bracket with gold plated benefits US senators think about us, while they get together in a bipartisan fashion and give themselves even an bigger share of our pie. Only one other senator, Kristen Gillibrand,  signed on to co-sponsor Bernie Sanders' bill. Not Chuck Schumer, not Al Franken nor any other so called Liberal so called Democrat.

The Democrats are not on your side, people. If you vote for them, you're hurting yourself and you're hurting me. You're only helping those who are already doing well and could care less if the rest of us go to hell.

And if all you can think of to say is, yea but Republicans are worse, I don't know what to say to you. If your scope is so limited, if this Capitalist system has so thoroughly molded and formed your sense of possibilities that all you can think of to make things better is to go and vote, I can't advise you. If you think the solution for record economic inequality, for college kids with $50,000 debts working at McDonald's, for people dying because they can't afford to go to the doctor or buy their medicine is to let people who don't share your interests choose between the policies rich people allow them to choose from, you need more than I can give you.

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