Saturday, April 8, 2017

Little Colin Powells

You probably remember when Colin Powell lied his ass off at the United Nations to sell us on a war against Iraq that's killed a million people, destroyed a country, made radical Islam explode, caused a destructive divide between Sunni and Shia Muslims and continues after 14 years, and that was started for no reason but to begin implementing the Neocon design for world domination by Imperial USA.

Now the Neocons are politicians like New Mexico's Steve Pearce, Martin Heinrich, Ben Lujan and Michelle Grisham. They are the Colin Powells of today as they pave the way for war by making accusations about frightening weapons for which they have no proof whatsoever.

These gods unto themselves confer upon themselves the right to intervene in another country's affairs, to rain deadly force upon a country halfway around the world that hasn't attacked the United States or caused it any harm.

And it's not the alleged perpetrators they give themselves the right to kill. It's ordinary people, who were out of a job, or trying to help their family out, or minding their own business when they were drafted into the Syrian army.

I've previously outlined that in this case, as in case after case before it, there's no reason to believe that what everyone is saying was a Sarin gas attack even happened, or that the photographs and videos being broadcast are anything but another staged propaganda event by the western intelligence created, US government funded White Helmets who exist only for the purpose of justifying a regime change war against Syria. Do our elected officials not know this?

The White Helmets have been exposed faking those rescues so many times it's laughable. In this latest case they took pictures of themselves tending to the supposed victims of a supposed Sarin gas attack while wearing no protective gear and only dust masks. If there had been Sarin gas they would be dead. Why then are Pearce, Heinrich, Lujan and Grisham, who have as much access to information as anyone, saying there was a poison gas attack or at the least not saying, as their comrade Tom Udall is saying, Wait, let's look into this and consider the consequences before we start blowing people to pieces. No, say Pearce, Heinrich, Lujan and Grisham, let the killing begin. Let the blood flow. There are no boots on the ground. It's just Muslims.

It's stunning to see people who were calling Donald Trump insane, inept, deranged and stupid, turn on a dime the minute he starts killing brown skinned Muslims. If you kill brown skinned Muslims suddenly you're decisive, courageous, measured and perfectly sane.

Congress was already in blood up to their eyeballs before this, providing time and again the needed funds and authority for the never ending war against the people of the Middle East. And they spread the propaganda that sells it to the American people.

On some level people become one when they participate in killing people portrayed as being of another group or nation or race or species. Whether you hear about in on the news and silently approve or kill them with your own hands or your own gun or whether it's by your consent, the savage within you stirs, the unconscious labyrinths from which ooze the noxious fuel that feeds the voracious, stupefying fires of nationalism excrete their putrid fluids and you secretly exult in the glorious sense of primacy embodied in the very lifestyle you think is your right. The unexpressed fears of the strange people with their strange religion and strange languages subsides and you enjoy your dinner and the company of your family. Your conscious is clear. A few Muslims are dead but your poll numbers, you're told, look good.

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