Friday, April 7, 2017

Redneck New Mexico

New Mexico's Republican Governor Susana Martinez vetoed bills yesterday that would have raised the state's minimum wage a little. No reason given. One would have raised it to $9, one to $9.25, so it remains at the federal minimum $7.25, which means that after taxes are taken out you spend almost your entire paycheck on rent.

In 2014 the Congressional Budget Office said that based on 2012 figures, if the minimum wage had kept up with inflation it should be $10.69. Others say that if had kept up with the increase in wages overall it should be $21.16, far more than the modest $15 per hour pushed through by Socialists in Seattle.

This map shows that New Mexico is on par with the red states, i.e. the South, plus places like Wisconsin and Indiana where there's total Republican legislative control and governors like Scott Walker and Mike Pence. The map is clickable if you go here, where you can also see things like when overtime kicks in -- is it for more than 8 hours per day, or 40 hours per week, etc. It's different by state -- and there's also a map and chart showing minimum wages around the world. No, we're not number one, or two, or three.

Note: That Congressional Budget Office link has a chart that shows fluctuations over time in the actual and real minimum wage (real = if you adjusted for inflation). But the chart also compares the minimum age to the average hourly wage over time so it shows exactly what people like me have been saying for a long time, that working people's wages haven't really changed in more than 30 years. They haven't changed under Republicans or Democrats. So again, except for gay marriage and abortion is there any difference between Democrats and Republicans? The answer is yes. Democrats are worse warmongers.

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