Thursday, April 27, 2017

Socialism Will Save Us Update

Just as Socialists immigrants from Europe and Latin America started the American Labor Movement that gave American workers the buying power that propelled the US economy to its preeminent position in the world, and just as their Socialists ideas created the working class that compelled our inherently conservative political system to enact Social Security, Medicare, Workmens Comp, the WPA, REA, EPA and everything else that's good and progressive about America, Socialism is rising again to save the county from the inevitable consequences of Capitalism.

Over past weeks I've been pointing out examples of Socialism's rising popularity as manifested by the rapid growth of Socialist organizations and parties, even the Communist Part, and we all know about the success of the presidential campaign of Democratic Socialist Bernie Sanders campaign. This week The Nation, the longtime voice of the left wing of the Democratic Party, has an article saying that members of the Democratic Socialists of America have won 12 recent local elections and not only in places like the union town of Rock Island, IL, but also in places like deep red state Georgia. And twelve doesn't sound like much except when you consider that a year ago there was no measurable Socialist movement in this country.

Socialism's rising popularity comes more at the expense of Democrats than Republicans and yet Democrats show no signs of correcting their course or even that they're aware they need to. Just take a look at the just the first few seconds of these two video clips of Bernie Sanders being interviewed alongside Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez. First, Perez passes on an invitation to endorse Medicare for all and then he says that Sanders' calling out of the ruling class, for things like amassing mountains of wealth at the expense of workers, is a "false choice." That is the language of class warfare from above, which is of course what the Neoliberal economic policies Democrats have adapted are all about, but it's hard for me to imagine someone being more blatantly dismissive of worker's interests or policy preferences.

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  1. I had wondered some weeks ago why Bernie Sanders would agree to participate in this "Unity Tour" exercise with Tom Perez. Many of his supporters (and in many cases former supporters) feel that Bernie is compromising with or acquiescing to the capitalist oligarchy. Some of them are calling him a "traitor" and/or a "sell-out."

    But I keep looking at the contrast between Bernie's very straightforwardly progressive/socialist proposals and Perez's dancing around and being cutesy with his stupid "false choice" bullshit, and it's easy to see why Bernie is doing this. It is both to exploit this forum that the DNC has provided for him to present his socialist proposals on the public stump *AND* to highlight and heighten the contrast between his solidly pro-worker position and the DNC's pro-Wall-Street position. Bernie is still, after all, not a Democrat.

    Democrats like Perez seem to think they can borrow some of Sanders' progressive sheen, as if standing next to him on the podium will cause some of Bernie's progressive-populist lustre to rub off on them. They seem oblivious to the reality that Bernie actually is showing them up for the phony jackasses that they are.