Sunday, April 23, 2017

Vive La

Today's French elections are being watched much more closely than usual. It's that after Brexit, and Trump, everybody's wondering, now what? What's next? Will we finally  start tracking back toward what we think of in hindsight as normalcy or continue spinning out of control.....

Ah, control of what and of whom? I say let's go.

But anyway, most news accounts refer to what's going on in France in a cursory manner if at all. Diana Johnstone lays out the main issue in Counterpunch and how the candidates relate to it.

Many in the US still can't comprehend what's going on here, or grasp the political sea change that's taken place with the Democrats' utter abandonment of the working class and Republicans becoming the populists with the Tea Party and now the fer-crissakes-Trump. It's easy to be misled by all the references to nazism and racism and all that which gets thrown up by the people in the media who are vainly trying to make sense of it themselves, but who have no reference for any of it and can only reference each other. Perhaps by looking at the French case you can see more readily what's happening here.


  1. Well, it looks like the establishment centrist (France's "Hillary") will be facing off against the anti-establishment populist/racist/fascist (France's "Trump") in the run-off this Summer. Except that over there, their genders are reversed. Which should be some kind of signal that in politics, even if gender matters to some folks along some dimensions of significance, it ultimately isn't that important. A man can easily be a capitalist whore and a woman can easily be a racist prick.

  2. Maybe for the sake of some balance I should add that being a whore or a prick are not the only options available to either men or women, even if they are politicians. It's just that somehow, within America's two-party system, those are the choices that we voters usually are offered on Election Day. Maybe we and France are not all that different.