Friday, June 2, 2017

I assume everyone has heard by now that the "Paris Climate Accord" President Trump announced he is pulling out of was actually nothing but a publicity stunt engineered by Barak Obama that didn't obligate the United States or any other country to reduce greenhouse gasses by one iota.

Although Obama left office with a reputation as an environmental president, during his tenure the concentration of Co2 and other greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere increased at the same rate it had been increasing before that, and if anything sped up, and a big reason is that every year Obama would go to that climate summit in Paris and make sure the final declaration didn't contain any language that obligated anybody to do anything to reduce greenhouse gasses. They agreed instead that each country would voluntarily come up with their own greenhouse gas and pollution "targets."

The conventional wisdom for why Obama did that is that since he knew he'd be judged by how the economy did while he was in office and not by the amount of greenhouse gasses in the atmosphere, he wasn't going to do anything that would hurt the economy such as impose regulations on the business world. That's correct except that Obama did it not so much to help the economy as to make sure he didn't interrupt the flow of campaign cash from Wall Street and big corporations into the accounts of the Democratic Party, the same reason he did everything else, the same reason he never allowed any legislation to be introduced that would increase wages or strengthen unions or in any other way redistribute any wealth back into the accounts of the people whose labor had originally created it. Conservative Democrats like Obama, the Clintons, and the kind we have in New Mexico decided a long time ago that they'd try to cling to power by doing the bidding of the wealthy, and an affluent layer of  feminists, Blacks, gays and other identity politics adherents, instead of serving the interests of the mass of working class Americans.

Note: One of the big environmental groups is They want to decrease the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere until it's down to 350 parts per million, or 350 ppm. As of now it's at 409 ppm. Below are two graphs that show how CO2 concentration has increased in recent years and over the long haul.


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  1. Some environmentalists think our goose is already cooked -- that even if we were suddenly to bring all carbon-burning to an abrupt halt and never burn another lump of coal, liter of oil, or cubic foot of natural gas ever again, this planet would continue to warm over the next century or more -- until finally (unless we do something else to screw things up) Earth does some natural self-correction and generates the conditions for starting us on the now long-overdue turn toward another ice age.

    I don't know. I think we are in UNCHARTED territory at this point -- in an unprecedented phase of anthropogenic global warming. But it seems to me beyond unthinkable that we would want to further accelerate this disaster which we and our recent ancestors have created. To be chanting "Drill baby drill" at this point or advocating more coal mining is like lashing one's self to the deck of the Titanic and chanting "Sink baby sink."

    And yes, shame on Obama for going through the motions without really doing much about this extremely serious problem.