Thursday, June 22, 2017

New Buffalo

This nice little video of Lake Michigan at New Buffalo, MI, where I grew up, was taken by my brother Bob on Tuesday.

The lake on that day was what I'd call mildly displeased. It can get pretty angry with waves of twenty feet and more that occasionally sink the ships that traverse the Great Lakes -- ocean going ships that come up the St Lawrence River and even the huge ore boats that carry iron from Michigan's Upper Peninsula to the steel mills that line the lake near Chicago.

New Buffalo's population was 1,883 in 2010, according to Wikipedia, where I found this picture of the beach on a sunnier day. It was taken from almost the same place as Bob was standing to shoot his video.

We always said New Buffalo's population was 2,500 so I don't know what's caused the decline. A lot of people have left there like I did. Also, being across the bottom of the lake from Chicago it's a resort town. People from the Chicago area and northern Indiana have summer homes there but 20 or 30 years ago began buying homes in New Buffalo and the surrounding countryside. Perhaps they've displaced some of the permanent residents. "Chicago people" as we called them once owned primarily the houses along or near the lake, which now sell more than one million dollars.

Those big gray rocks in the left part of Bob's video extend from either side of the mouth of the Galien River and form a little manmade harbor. It was built by the US Army Corps of Engineers just before I graduated from NBHS in 1971 and was a big deal.

Before, every year the mouth of the river would fill up with sand washed up by waves until it was only a few feet deep and would have to dredged out so motor boats from the marina that stretches along the river and a couple of the creeks that empty into it could reach the lake.


  1. Angry indeed can these waters be.. Still Michigan can be great for swimming and the ore boats on Superiors cold and granite line shores can be as or more dangerous. btw the paper that used to cover everything that's "fit to print" featured comments from some Dems who owned up to their party having a much worse "brand" than even the Trumpites. They even thought focusing on economic issues might help in the future. Thank you Georgia congressional electorate...:)

  2. Yeah, about that Georgia thing. Ossoff was never going to win. He was too much of a Democrat to excite any Republicans to support him, and too much of a Democrat to excite any progressives to support him.

    By "Democrat" I mean that Ossoff is one of those pro-capitalist jackasses who still do not get it that we've been in a class war for a long time now, and their party has been fighting for the wrong side. I don't mean all rank-and file Democrats, about 60% of whom are currently scouting third parties. Just saw a poll today that shows a majority of Democrats now are thinking seriously about abandoning that sinking ship and going with some organization that actually will work FOR them instead of AGAINST them.