Sunday, June 11, 2017

Why Corbyn Won

"For too long now the rich have got ever richer whilst those struggling have had no hope of improving their lot. That’s just wrong as well. We cannot continue along this path. There is a new movement in Britain demanding social change and the millions who voted for the Labour Party cannot and should not be denied." Jeremy Corbyn

Corbyn campaigned on an explicitly Socialist platform of free college tuition, saving Britian's universal health care system and re-nationalizing industries that had been privatized by Margaret Thatcher and her successor, the architect of "New Labour" -- the UK's Bill Clinton -- Tony Blair.

In America the rich still get richer and the poor poorer and Democrats show zero inclination to do anything about it. Read through their public utterances in the press and on social media and see for yourself that they post absolutely nothing, ever, about wealth and income inequality in the US. It's pathetic. We're going down and they're attending LGBT and green energy photo ops with people who are doing pretty well. A wave of public revulsion over how the Democratic Party has sold out the working class may yet drive it back to its roots, but Neoliberal, Reaganomics Democrats are still in control of all party mechanisms so there's no reason to think it will be any time soon.

In any event, change originates outside the political system and it will require an uprising of the people, and it must be an informed, class conscious people or we'll end up right back where we are now.


  1. Good for him. Something about his appearance and his ideas reminds me very much of my political science professor at Minnesota .... Mulford Q Sibley. About the time I joined the "Fair Play For Cuba Committee" on campus...:)

  2. That's exactly right.

    So our problem seems to be how to build that class consciousness among working people who are (a) saturated with cradle-to-grave capitalist propaganda that persuades them that they are not an oppressed underclass but merely "temporarily embarrassed millionaires" and (b) too bone tired from working all day just to stay alive to pay that much attention to what is actually being done to them by those who are oppressing them. They seem to know they're dissatisfied, but they don't seem to have put their finger on exactly why. They're too distracted, bamboozled, and exhausted to put the pieces together. Maybe it's just easier for them to do as people like Trump suggest that they should do -- blame the Mexicans or the Muslims or gay people or somebody else for their distress. Or to believe the Democrats' bullshit about Russia being their enemy.

    So how do we overcome this problem? Can we count on things getting so bad that the system will break under its own weight?

  3. Mulford Q Sibley is as good as it gets. You are an old radical disguised as not one.

    Not as long as Wal Mart parking lots stay full, Roberto.

  4. Alas, yes Francisco. People luvs 'em some "Low, Low Price." There's a feedback mechanism built into this wretched vulture capitalist system that all but forces working class people to keep stabbing each other (and ourselves) in the back -- and even to take much of the petit bourgeousie (e.g., the owners of Mom and Pop stores) down along with our fellow workers. Those full parking lots at Wally World are symptomatic of a quite large and sophisticated conspiracy to make sure we won't ever find ourselves all marching side-by-side with torches and pitchforks and charging the barricades together.