Thursday, July 13, 2017

Lost Generation

Musical creation plays a big role in creating generational identity but then as a generation progresses progressive music eventually comes to be seen as obtrusive noise, even subversive. Without music's subversive influence a default conservatism takes hold almost unawares. And now one of my favorite melodies:


  1. I loved CCR and still love John Fogerty. I'd have thought he would have been more politically aligned with Bernie Sanders than he was last year, but I appreciate what he had to say about Trump in this Rolling Stone interview. I'm far from a Trump supporter, but like Fogerty I was glad to see that Trump was "shaking things up" last year -- some things that badly needed shaking. There still needs to be "a whole lotta shakin' goin' on."

    1. Likewise Bob. I went in and saw them at the Ampitheater, my first concert ever.

      If you're interested, when the Beatles broke up it left Creedence the number one band in the world in record sales. They were on top for about 14 months and it was all those big hits on four albums and all were huge sellers. A college kid actually put together a radio show that covers that streak and plays a lot of those songs. It's easy to find at