Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Russia and Putin And Trump And Russia And Putin

I hear Democrats talk endlessly about Russia and Putin and how Donald Trump is about to do this or that scary thing

I haven't heard one Democrat talk about:

Fixing Obamacare
Single payer health care, you know, that thing the American people want
The increasing income inequality
The decreasing living standards
Stagnant wages
The lack of good jobs among the newly created ones
The lack of full time jobs among the newly created ones
The lack of jobs with benefits
The hurdles to union organizing that have been erected over the years
The Employee Free Choice Act that would remove some of them but which Democrats themselves have tabled
College students graduating with $25,000 average debt
Public education's lack of money due to tax breaks for the rich (that Democrats voted for)

Meanwhile Democrats continue to provide unwavering backing for a military on a global rampage of destroying countries and killing civilians by the thousands in the seven countries it's bombing and droning in your name.


  1. It's still July in the USA, the month of flag-waving and firecrackers. Apparently some folks in our town were too drunk to find all of their M-80 'crackers or mortar rounds over the extended Independence Day weekend, and so every two or three nights they're still finding and lighting another one, usually at around 2:00 a.m. for maximum affect. The boom reverberates through the empty streets and temporarily hushes the katydids.

    Militarism seems baked into the brains of these folks, but most of their exposure to war must consist of having logged hours upon hours playing Warcraft and Call of Duty video games. All that happens when things go wrong is they get up, go pee, grab another beer, plop back into the sofa, and start a new game. No actual bloodshed is involved unless the cat jumps on their back or they get too careless opening a beer can or lighting an M-80.

    I'm not sure if these folks voted for Democrats, Republicans, somebody else, or nobody. I just hear their 2 o'clock bombs going off and wonder if they even know that their tax dollars are being spent blowing apart actual human beings in seven countries. The folks in those countries don't have the option of stretching their legs, having a pee and a beer, and sitting down for another video game. They're either gruesomely maimed or dead. And they're not even Russians.

  2. A damning list for both parties. One successfully promoting it for years and the other largely indifferent or in some cases collusive. Though I'm not so keen about chumming up with the thugocracy either...