Monday, July 10, 2017

The People Want Single Payer Helthcare But Democrats Won't Allow It To Be Discussed Or Voted On

Democrats steadfastly refuse to  get behind a single payer healthcare system, but that's exactly what people want. They want what every European country has, what Canada has, what Russia and China have. In fact not only do Democrats not promote single payer they actively oppose it including the "Medicare For All" version of universal health care proposed by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders.

If you need more proof Democrats aren't the "party of the people" there are many. Here's a couple: They vote for lower taxes for the rich, they vote for budgets that cut social services, they take huge campaign bribes from the rich, they've adopted Neoliberal economics -- i.e. Reaganomics -- Supply Side Economics, it used to be called.

Now I read that Democrats made a "strategic calculation" to throw health care for people fortunate than they are, Medicaid, under the bus, meaning thousands of people will die. But all of their policies mean more people will die, especially brown skinned people in other countries who've been blown into small pieces in the many ongoing US imperial wars, which Democrats always help promote and always vote to pay for. Party of the people indeed.

The following picture is of some of the people who attended a fancy party in "the Hamptons" hosted by the owner of the presumably liberal Washington Post.

Top left is major Democrat funder George Soros. Top right top US senate Democrat Charles Schumer.

If you're unsure what the Hamptons are that's where the multimillionaire Obamas hang ou when they're not vacationing on Martha's Vineyard or Mali or private billionaire owned islands. 

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  1. I passed on the chart to some of my neoliberal friend's but the gathering at the Hampton's was the corker. So much for the Washington Elites...